Capture Festival - Photo Hunt

Come hone your camera skills with a fun scavenger photo hunt! You will be given tips and tricks for both phone and camera photography and then you’ll have 30 minutes to complete the challenge! The first person to complete the challenge will receive a prize. You may also submit your photo for People’s Choice Award on the Facebook page here: This Scavenger Photo Hunt is free or by donation to participate!

Please register here:


April 23, 2017, 2-3pm - Downtown - Download list here!


April 30, 2017, 2-3pm - New Westminster (Near Anvil Centre)

Tips for Shooting with a Family

There are always a couple games you can play if you don't follow along the scavenger hunt:

  1. Alphabet Photo Game - Look around you and find an object or scene that starts with an 'A'. Then a 'B'. Then a 'C' and so forth. Can you find the actual letters in the environment? Could you find an apple or airplane or an Andrew for the A?
  2. 30 Steps Game - For the child that likes running around, ask them to count their steps. At 30, have them take a picture of anything around them. If they're faster, then increase the number!
  3. 50 Pictures of Mom/Step Mom or Dad/Step Dad or both - Have your child take 50 pictures of you in different spots of the park! They'll improve their portrait skills. As as a reminder, please do not take a stranger's photo unless they give you permission! For extra fun, try photographing the whole group!
  4. Play with your Food - Don't want to leave the house? Get some carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes and cheese and get creative! Or if you're feeling less healthy, get a box of waffles and make the cutest confections with fruit, jam and whip cream! It's a good opportunity to practice top down photography, which is all the rage on instagram. A tip is to do this near a window where lighting is natural and the photo will look ten times better.
  5. Pet Pal Photos - a very, very good way to practice high speed (depending on what animal) photography is trying to photograph a pet. On your iphone, practice the burst function when trying to get your little friend to pose. When using a DSLR, try the continuous shooting mode!
  6. Dance, dance, dance! - An iphone does not have this capability unless using a third party app, but with a DSLR try your hand a couple long exposures in the dark. Have your child dance around with a flash light and set the shutter speed to anywhere between 3 sec-30 sec depending on how dark it is.
  7. Underwater Fun! - A couple cameras offer themselves as waterproof - you can always buy a disposable one too! Get a fish tank or fill a tub and drop paint into it and swirl it around. Take photos and splash around!