Alice's Order & Diyosa Mata | My Year of Writing

In the last year, I completed a novel, a couple short stories and am currently working on another novel. I haven’t had a moment to sit down and blog about what they are! Last year, I wrote a novel called Alice’s Order. It was born out of everything that happened to me in 2013-2016. While I worked in tech, I watched the rise of the alt-right, a friend of mine was doxxed and then the election happened. I feel many people including myself were somewhere between two extreme sides, not knowing where to stand exactly.

After writing this story, it was edited a few times and the feedback I received was encouraging. This will be released in the summer of 2019 onward.

I am now working on Diyosa Mata, a fantasy novel. Josh is my co-author on this project. I have fallen head over heels with this project, even more-so than the last. The story is based on Filipino folklore, mythology and culture. After reading Jose Rizal’s work, the story transformed into an anti-colonialist work as well. This project comes from my heart, it comes from not knowing my cultural identity since I was born, it comes from reconnecting with something that feels real to me. It's not just about writing high fantasy or what seems punchy. I wanted to tell a story about being powerful in the face of oppression.

If you like what you see below and you’d like to support us somehow, please reach out to me at There are costs in writing and I wish I could do it full time.

Alice’s Order - In 2140, Alice is a sixteen-year-old girl and genius. She became a weapon developer after her sister, Dawn, was killed in an Empyrean terrorist attack. Alice then rises up against the Empyreans, who are executed when their psychic abilities are identified. The Empyreans use telekinesis to steal, terrorize and murder without remorse. She creates the robot Neutralizers that perform and automate these “ethical cleansings.”

But Alice soon meets a friend who changes her perspective on the attack. A benevolent, peaceful activist who was friends with Dawn, Cleris advocates for the rights of Empyreans. To her surprise, Alice discovers Cleris is an Empyrean himself, able to hide his identity. Faced with the very real possibility of Cleris’s death, the fabric of everything Alice believed and fought for is unraveled.

Torn between the left and the right—somewhere in between—Alice’s coming-of-age story is about trying to find her place in a technocratic world where information and truth are distorted at every turn. Who she becomes in order to fight back against the altered truth is not the hero she expected.

Diyosa Mata - The islands of Pagsamo have been invaded by the Derramar and their Order. Powerful vessels of ancestor Gods, the Freedoms hold the magic of the spirit of the land. The Derramar destroy the majority of the Freedoms, magic threatening to disappear within their lifetime. A hero named Mayari rises from a series of injustices cast upon her family to start an uprising against this foreign force. She is one of the last Freedoms standing in the land. She is granted a power to shift between female and male, Apolaki and Mayari.

A young man named Vidal serves in the Civil Guard and sees first hand the corruption of their new masters. He slowly discovers his own magical power, another lost but last Freedom. He joins Mayari’s fight against the Derramar. At night, they must fight against the monsters called aswangs who are transforming into the nightmares the Order is placing into the minds of the people. By day, they take down not only the Derramar, but the Valons and all the foreign forces contesting their land.

Short Stories

Stay tuned for them all. There are a few concepts that I’ve released in the past. One being my grad film, Imaginary Conversations. This has been rewritten to tell more of a story of abuse perpetuated on a girl by someone she loves.

One that has been published on Medium is a rewrite of Hasta Mañana, which can be read here.