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Wonder Woman


Yesterday, I took my dad to go see Wonder Woman pre-Father's Day. He's pretty conservative and I'm pretty liberal, but we both ended up loving this film cause it was so good!

I'm trying to pick apart why I find it so good myself. I thought of the quote above when watching the film, so I made the memes. Each time she was warned, given an explanation, she continued and became great, as all great women in history have had to do.

I've been a big, big fan of the History Chicks and I've learnt listening that women were often warned or explained to that their ideas were wrong/not good, but they kept going anyways. Josephin Cochran wanted to create what's now the dishwasher. No one wanted to help her originally, but she persisted. And now everyone has one til this date!

Let's not forget Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon and the troubles she had to go through:


But back to Wonder Woman the movie - it didn't take a lot for it to be a good movie. It follows all the story, characterisation and setting of every usual comic book film. It is not unique in the plot development and overall universe. What made it so good to me is quite simple: there's nothing like it. No super heroine movie that carries a classic hero's journey and executes it well. There are women heroes, but nothing in the epic fashion of Diana's upbringing, journey into the real world to become a superhero and eventually surpassing that goal and becoming a goddess.

A good documentary to watch about Wonder Woman's history is Wonder Women! The untold story of American Superheroines.  Wonder Woman's history has often been problematic, but she still became a cemented female hero icon in our minds.

Numeric scores don't mean anything. Whether you like it or not, this film is still very important in comic book movie history.